About REAC Group, Inc.

REAC Group, Inc. (REAC) engages in the ownership and operation of a real estate search website called: RealEstateContacts.com. The website provides an advertising and marketing platform for real estate professionals. The website enables real estate professionals to capture, cultivate, and convert leads which cater to prospective home buyers and sellers.  The Company is in the process to redevelop the current website so there can be multiple agents profiles added to the cities that they work in.

The Company will concentrate and look to acquire income producing multi-family and residential income producing properties located in the United States, primarily in Florida.

The company will focus on income-producing real estate.

The company is currently in the process of locating funding to finance these multifamily established revenue properties.

The Company intends to bring additional value to its shareholders with the possibilities to Acquire, Joint Venture or Partner with other real estate related businesses.

We will continue to introduce our operational progress and other corporate actions that will include our business plan, business model and plan of growth.

REAC Group, Inc. is a public company, (symbol: REAC).